Unimog Welding Rig

With increasing demand for our on site welding services in the windfarm , forestry ,road construction and quarry sectors we decided to custom build an all-terrain welding rig.Here we converted a Mercedes Unimog U 140L into a state of the art Mobile welding plant capable of tackling the harshes of terrains .From stick, innershield ,tig stainless , cobramatic aluminum ,tig brazing ,arc air gouging , thermal slicing ,oxy- acetylene , we can cater for all aspects of welding on a visit to site.

Unimog One

Unimog Two

Due to increasing demand a second all terrain welding rig was constructed , here a unimog U400 240 hp was used with a demountable body fabricated for the back with all your welding needs which can be demounted and a flat body fitted for transportation of parts etc to remote hard access ares

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